Cases We Filed This Month: August 2023

Cases Filed August 2023

Skilled Nursing Facility – El Paso, Texas
Claim: 34-year-old with cerebral palsy fell, breaking multiple bones in leg which required surgery to repair. Developed severe stage 4 pressure ulcer on hip, which resident suffered from until passing away months later.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Missouri City, Texas
Claim: High-fall risk resident was not closely monitored. After an unreported fall, facility failed to transfer resident to hospital for evaluation for several days. After repeated demands from family, facility finally transferred to hospital where brain bleed, broken skull, and several broken ribs were discovered. Resident declined and passed within the month as a result of injuries from the fall.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Dallas, Texas
Claim: Resident, who was on a pureed diet following previous choking incident, was given chicken. Resident choked on chicken bone, became unconscious, was hospitalized, and died from choking.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Plano, Texas
Claim: Facility failed to arrange for resident to receive necessary dialysis after a hospitalization.
After nine days, resident was rushed back to hospital in critical condition with uncontrollable seizures due to lack of dialysis.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Sugar Land, Texas
Claim: Long-term care resident developed severe stage 4 sacral pressure ulcer which became infected and ultimately led to sepsis and death shortly after hospitalization for the pressure ulcer.

Orthopedic Specialist – Southlake, Texas
Claim: After torn knee ligament, patient underwent MRI which showed further evaluation and treatment was needed for possible blood clot. Doctor and facility delayed treatment and patient suffered near-fatal pulmonary embolism the next day.

Skilled Nursing Facility – White Settlement, Texas
Claim: Facility failed to maintain a clean environment, resulting in fire ant infestation in partially paralyzed dementia resident. Resident suffered over 100 fire ant bites all over body, leading to resident being hospitalized in critical condition and life-long impairment.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Arlington, Texas
Claim: Dementia resident developed pressure ulcers on upper back and both buttocks. Right buttocks wound progressed to severe stage 4 wound that became infected, leading to sepsis and extensive treatment. Resident is still suffering from wound over a year later.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Brownsville, Texas
Claim: Stroke victim developed pressure ulcers on sacrum and heels. Sacral wound became severe stage 4, leading to infection and extensive treatment. Resident continued to decline and passed away less than 3 months later with the wounds still present.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Duncanville, Texas
Claim: Facility allowed long-term care dementia resident to develop multiple severe stage 4 pressure ulcers on his tailbone, calf, and ankle. Sacral wound resulted in sepsis and osteomyelitis (bone infection). After several months of extensive treatment for wounds, resident passed away with the sacral wound still present.

Skilled Nursing Facility – DeSoto, Texas
Claim: Facility failed to protect airway of resident with tracheotomy by leaning resident back for extended period of time during personal hygiene. Resident’s oxygen was cut off and they died a few days later from the suffocation incident.

Skilled Nursing Facility – The Woodlands, Texas
Claim: Dementia resident developed severe stage 4 sacral pressure ulcer and severe dehydration while rehabilitating, ultimately passing away.

Assisted Living Facility – Burleson, Texas
Claim: Resident, who was blind, suffered multiple falls in facility. Final fall resulted in hip and femur fracture requiring surgical repair. Resident also developed a pressure ulcer and ultimately passed away as a result of hip fracture.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Plano, Texas
Claim: Resident in facility for rehabilitation after heart attack. Fell multiple times. Final fall resulted in brain bleed and resident died the next day as a result.

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