Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

When a loved one passes away, it is a sad and tragic time for friends and family. But when someone dies without warning, due to the recklessness or negligence of another individual, the grief is even more profound. If your loved one has died because of someone else’s irresponsible behavior, you may hesitate to consider a personal injury claim because you simply want to put the tragedy behind you. However, a wrongful death can cause huge financial difficulties for those left behind, especially if the victim was a caregiver or provider for dependents. The attorneys at Powers Taylor believe you should not have to shoulder a huge financial burden, especially while grieving the loss of your loved one. We also believe that those responsible for your loved one’s death should be held accountable for their actions and should be prevented from causing similar harm in the future. Our Dallas wrongful death lawyers understand the emotional turmoil you are experiencing and work with compassion and respect, guiding you through every step of the legal process.

Types of Wrongful Death

  • A county in west Texas had a duty to make sure the lights and barriers at a railroad crossing worked properly.
  • A train was traveling at an excessive speed as it entered a small community.
  • A truck driver, under pressure and rigid deadlines from the commercial trucking company that employed him, was driving with inadequate sleep.
  • A surgeon failed to close up a wound properly, resulting in a massive infection.
  • A neighbor who owned six very aggressive pit bulls allowed them to roam a neighborhood with small children.
  • A tavern knowingly served a patron an excessive amount of alcohol without regard for the fact that he was known to drive while under the influence.
  • A nursing home negligently hired staff without doing criminal background checks.
  • A toy manufacturer knowingly made small toys that could be lodged in the airway of a small child.
  • A young woman was texting while driving through a school zone.

Let Powers Taylor Attorneys Put Their Experience to Work

When you file a wrongful death claim, you naturally want everything to go as smoothly and quickly as possible, which is why it is important to contact experienced and effective North Texas attorneys. At Powers Taylor, we have years of experience exclusively handling personal injury and wrongful death claims. We treat every client with the respect with which we would want to be treated, and we handle every injury or wrongful death claim as if it were that of our own family. Call Powers Taylor today and begin taking steps towards getting the money you deserve and granting closure to you and your loved ones. 



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