Cases We Filed This Month: July 2023

Cases Filed July 2023

Skilled Nursing Facility – Lufkin, TX
Claim: Long-term care resident with dementia fell multiple times in the facility. The last fall resulted in two hip fractures, the resident passed away the next day.

Hospital – Houston, TX
Claim: Patient developed severe stage 4 sacral pressure ulcer while undergoing treatment for sepsis, passing a couple of months later with the sacral wound.

Assisted Living Facility – Colleyville, TX
Claim: Resident with Lewy body dementia fell and fractured hip, resulting in hospitalization and surgery.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Fort Worth, TX
Claim: Resident, who was rehabilitating from a prior fall, fell the night of admission and passed away that night.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Arlington, TX
Claim: Dementia resident developed stage 4 sacral pressure ulcer to the bone, requiring multiple hospitalizations, debridements, and death.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Burleson, TX
Claim: Nurse improperly transferred resident, who required a Hoyer lift, resulting in two broken legs, surgery to repair fractures, and quick decline. Resident passed less than 2 weeks later.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Mansfield, TX
Claim: Resident with progressing dementia was in rehabilitation following a stroke. Facility allowed them to develop severe stage 4 sacral pressure ulcer, resulting in several hospitalizations and eventual death.

Assisted Living Facility – McKinney, TX
Claim: Resident with advancing dementia was allowed to develop stage 2 sacral pressure ulcer and heel wound.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Plano, TX
Claim: Resident was transferred for advancing dementia. Facility allowed sacral pressure ulcer to progress to a stage 4 wound which became infected, resulting in death.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Mineral Wells, TX
Claim: Facility failed to keep resident’s bed alarm functional. After suffering several falls, resident was found unresponsive on the floor, had a fractured femur but was not a candidate for surgery. Resident passed away approximately 3 months later from complications from the fall.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Fort Worth, TX
Claim: Long-term care resident was supposed to be on pureed diet. Resident was found deceased in their room, dying from asphyxiation due to a large amount of chicken that got stuck in their throat.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Conroe, TX
Claim: Resident was receiving long-term care after suffering a stroke. Developed severe stage 4 pressure ulcers on ankle and sacrum. After multiple hospitalizations and extensive treatment, resident passed away as a result of the wounds.

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