The Wrong Things to Do if You Are in a Car Accident

As experienced Dallas car wreck attorneys, we are often asked what to do after a car wreck.  But in the immediate aftermath of an accident, it is equally important to avoid the “wrong things.”  Here’s our list of things you should not do after an accident. 1. Leaving the Scene — Leaving the scene of even a minor accident is a violation of law.  All drivers involved in a motor vehicle accident are required to stop, check on the other persons involved, exchange insurance information, and report the accident to law enforcement. 2. Fail to Call 9-1-1 — If a wreck is relatively minor, and no one appears to be injured, many drivers decide to just exchange insurance information and not call the police.  However, if the other driver’s story changes later, it will be much easier to prove that the other driver was at fault if there is a police report. 3. Lose Your Temper — A car wreck is scary.  It gets your adrenaline going, even when no one is seriously injured.  Some people react to this situation by launching a verbal assault on the other driver.  But laying blame on the other driver or yelling at them does nothing to improve the situation.  Keep your wits about you, and focus on assessing the situation, getting the information you will need later, and remaining safe. 4. Admit Fault — Even if you think the accident may have been your fault, there may have been other circumstances that contributed to causing the accident.  An admission of guilt can be used against you in any lawsuit that arises from the accident. 5. Fail to Document the Accident — With the ubiquitous presence of cell phone cameras, it is amazing how rare it is for drivers to photograph the accident scene.  Cell phones also make it easy to capture the other driver’s insurance information and get the names and addresses of witnesses. 6. Fail to Seek Immediate Help —  Injuries need medical attention.  The longer you wait to seek medical attention, the more likely it will be that the insurance companies will be skeptical about the severity of your injuries.  Similarly, seeking immediate legal consultation allows your Dallas car wreck lawyer to gather evidence and contact witnesses before memories fade and before recorded statements are given to insurance adjusters.



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