Strollers Recalled Due to Risk of Finger Amputation

Powers Taylor is investigating finger injuries that have occurred as a result of Kolcraft strollers.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported several injuries caused by the stroller, including the amputation of three children’s fingertips.  The injuries have all occurred at or near the hinge mechanism of the strollers, when locking or unlocking the hinge to adjust the stroller’s handlebars.

The product defect has led to a recall of 36,000 “Contours Options” strollers sold in the United States.  The Kolcraft Contours Options strollers were sold in both a three-wheel and four-wheel models.   The particular models involved in the recall can be determined by examining the model number and date of manufacture on either a sticker above the left wheel or on a sewn-in label on the back of the seat pad.  The defective strollers were sold after January 2006 through Amazon, Target and ToysRUS.

Powers Taylor has handled similar product defect cases in the past that involved traumatic injuries to children’s fingers, including amputations as a result of home paper shredders and amputations caused by children’s scissors.  If you have information regarding similar injuries caused by Kolcraft strollers, please contact the product defect lawyers at Powers Taylor LLP.



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