Defective Tools and Machines

Working with heavy tools and machinery can be dangerous.  These industrial machines often work at high speeds, exert incredible pressure, or involve extreme temperatures.  When something goes wrong, a machine operator may suffer a debilitating injury.

Many injured workers simply presume that their only recourse is to file a workers’ compensation claim.  In many cases, however, the machinist can pursue an additional claim against the manufacturer of the machinery.  Our attorneys can help you to evaluate whether the machine manufacturer may have contributed to the injury by failing to incorporate the appropriate safeguards into the machine’s design.  Similarly, if your employer contracts with another company to maintain or repair its equipment, and you were injured as a result of faulty maintenance or inadequate repairs, you may have a claim against the maintenance contractor.  If you have been injured by an industrial saw, drill press, conveyor belt, air compressor, printing press, belt grinder, power hammer, or other similar equipment, give us a call.

Similarly, industrial workers are often injured in accidents while operating forklifts, backhoes, or tractors.  The workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for such injuries, but they may also be able to pursue an additional claim based on the defective design of the vehicle they were operating.  The injured worker may also be able to bring claims based on inadequate warnings or based upon negligent maintenance of the vehicle, if the maintenance was performed by a contractor outside of the company.

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