Injuries to Children

A serious personal injury is always a tragedy, particularly when it has permanent or life-altering affects. However, when a child is the victim of reckless or negligent behavior, it is all the more heartbreaking. At Powers Taylor, we understand that injury claims involving children are even more delicate than most. Children are not able to bring the case to court themselves, it is up to the parents to pursue a personal injury claim, and all damages will usually be awarded to the parents. However, the injury claim certainly affects the whole family – parents, siblings, and of course, the child himself. The attorneys at Powers Taylor understand injuries involving children are delicate and have experience handling all types of child injury claims. We provide compassionate guidance to all family members during the legal process and the child’s recovery time. Though the child plays a crucial role in the case, we work to keep him or her out of the legal process as much as possible, keeping them from feeling frightened and allowing them to focus on physical recovery.

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Often, adults who win a personal injury suit will collect money for lost wages. With a child, of course, this is not immediately applicable. However, parents have a legal right to collect damages to cover hospital bills, medication, and physical therapy. Often, when a child has been permanently disabled, a court will award them money to cover the wages they would have earned if they had not been injured. More importantly, a successful personal injury suit can help ensure that irresponsible or reckless parties are called to task and that other innocent children are spared the pain of serious or life-altering injury. At Powers Taylor, we work unceasingly to get you and your child the justice and compensation that is merited.

If your child is the victim of reckless or negligent behavior, contact Powers Taylor today to schedule your free consultation. Our attorneys are happy to discuss your legal rights and options and to provide you with the best legal advice available.