Our Approach

Challenging times call for a new breed of attorney. More than ever, businesses and individuals alike are forced to make critical decisions to succeed. It takes vision, ingenuity, information and courage to make the difficult choices that often define success. At Powers Taylor, we invest in our clients’ objectives, becoming a vital part of each client’s team, while providing the information necessary to make these crucial calls.

Despite changing times, many traditional law firms have stagnated, forgetting their role as trusted advisor in favor of becoming another high-priced vendor. Focusing almost exclusively on the static notion of billable hours, most firms follow an approach attuned toward meeting the financial needs of the law firm, not the client.

We formed this law firm to focus on building better relationships with our clients. Focusing on client needs, while foregoing the unwieldy structure of traditional firms, has given us the ability to create unique working arrangements to better meet our clients’ objectives.

As times continue to change, it is this tailored approach to legal services that will continue to make Powers Taylor more than a law firm.