Hospital Errors

Almost one in every three patients that visit a hospital will incur a serious hospital related injury that can range anywhere from mild to severe or even deadly. The injuries sustained in a hospital can result in a need for a lengthened hospital stay, additional treatment, or readmission after discharge.

Common Hospital Errors

Hospital negligence can take many forms, some of the most common are:

  • Understaffing- failing to provide enough medical competent and trained personnel can result in delays in treatment and emergency response time
  • Communication errors- some examples are failing to read the patient’s chart or history can result in an oversight of allergies or failing to document a change in treatment plan or medication which can both result in serious injury or complications
  • Patient identification errors- failing to verify that the correct patient or misidentifying a patient can lead to the wrong procedure being performed or the wrong medication being administered
  • Infections- hospital acquired infections can include pneumonia, urinary tract infection, central or arterial line infection, MRSA (methicillinesistant Staphylococcus aureus), or an infection at the location of a surgical procedure
  • Patient location errors- a patient with a risk of wandering off, especially those who suffer from memory loss or dementia, should be closely monitored and not left unattended

There are a few different parties that can be involved in a hospital error lawsuit. While the hospital employs some people as staff, the majority of hospitals will contract with physician groups, nurses, and groups that provide necessary hospital services such as radiology, pathology, and anesthesia. Due to this arrangement, an employee of the hospital may not be responsible for the error and the hospital may not be at fault for all errors made.

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