Mark Taylor Speaks at TTLA Conference

Partner and head of our Medical Malpractice docket, Mark Taylor, attended the Texas Trial Lawyers Association (TTLA) Med Mal CLE Seminar in Austin, Texas on October 18, 2022. He gave a presentation to fellow attorneys on calculating settlement credits for multi-defendant medical malpractice cases in Texas.

Mark Taylor Presents at TTLA Med Mal CLE Seminar

The presentation went into detail about how two Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Chapter 33 sections relate to Chapter 74 damage caps when trying to settle a multi-defendant medical malpractice case. The goal was to help plaintiff’s attorneys correctly calculate the potential amount owed by a non-settling defendant. It factors in the settlement amount from the first defendant, pre-judgement interest, and jury-awarded economic and non-economic damages, among other components. He also created a spreadsheet with formulas already in place to help other attorneys with these complex calculations.

You can download a copy of his CLE presentation here. For additional information or to get a copy of the calculation spreadsheet, please email or call us at 214-239-8900.

Medical Malpractice cases in Texas became difficult to pursue after tort reform in 2003, but that hasn’t stopped Powers Taylor from pursuing them. Over the last two decades, we’ve been able to take on the “impossible” cases and hold medical providers responsible for the injuries they have caused to patients. Through experience, research, and learning opportunities such as the TTLA Med Mal CLE Seminar, we are continually finding ways to better represent and fight for Texans who have been harmed by medical providers.



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