How to Work with a Texas Car Accident Attorney

Texas Car Accident Attorney

At some point in your life, you or a family member will probably need the help of a Texas car accident attorney. Generally this need arises after another person’s negligence has caused an auto accident resulting in severe injury to yourself or someone close to you. The Texas car accident attorneys at PowersTaylor are professionals who not only know the law, they also know people and know how to treat accident victims with compassion and understanding.

What should you know about working with a Texas car accident attorney?

The purpose of working with a Texas car accident attorney is to get compensation to pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering and also compensation for any permanent impairment that may have resulted from the other driver’s negligence. Many people are tempted to have open and frank conversations with insurance adjusters or representatives from insurance companies themselves and not going through a Texas car accident attorney. In most facets of life, open and frank conversations are the best way to go, but when dealing with an entity whose goal is to not pay you what you are entitled to, this is counterproductive. Instead, your Texas car accident attorney can have these conversations on your behalf. Simply involving a Texas car accident attorney does not mean you are a confrontational person who wants something for nothing. Allowing a representative to advocate for you and deal with the insurance company puts you in a position of not falling prey to their tactics and schemes which are designed to NOT pay you what you are entitled to. The other problem with having your own open and frank conversations is that your own words can be used against you. The most innocent-seeming statements can sound like an admission of fault or a minimization of your injuries (Think about how often you give answers like “fine” when asked how you are feeling, even if you are in a great deal of pain at that moment. Our natural tendency is to not be complainers, but when these words are turned against you, they can sound like you did not suffer very much in the way of injuries). If you are the victim of someone else’s recklessness, you may need the help of an experienced and professional Texas car accident attorney, call us today.



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