Have You Been Injured by an 18 Wheeler? Our Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers Answer Your Questions

If you have been severely injured in an accident with an 18 wheeler, you no doubt have many questions only an experienced Dallas truck accident lawyer can answer. Each year, over 500,000 accidents involving large commercial vehicles like 18 wheelers take the lives of over 5000 people in the United States.  Many more victims suffer horrible, life-changing injuries and disabilities as a result of these accidents.  Our experienced Dallas truck accident lawyers help people find out if these trucking companies are liable to pay for their medical expenses and lost wages.

Helpful tips from our experienced Dallas truck accident lawyers

  • Do not seek legal advice from just anyone.  Your friend, the insurance adjuster and even the lawyer you see advertising on TV may not have the specialized knowledge and insight to give you the right answers.  Seek the advice from a Dallas truck accident lawyer who has the experience and skill to give you the best answers.
  • Your Dallas truck accident lawyer can also help you establish who was at fault in the accident that caused you injuries.  Unlike automobile accidents, commercial trucking accidents have the additional factor of industry regulations and standards.  Truckers are required to have their vehicles maintained and inspected regularly to insure that they are in proper working condition.
  • Additionally, truckers are required to get an adequate amount of sleep each 24 hour period and record those sleep periods in log books.  These log books can be a goldmine of evidence to a Dallas truck accident lawyer who knows what to look for.  For example, is there evidence that the log entries were falsified to cover up for work performed instead of rest periods?  Did the trucking company require the trucker to perform duties at such staggered times of the day that it was impossible to get a regular sleep cycle?  Even good lawyers may not know what to look for to find this evidence, but the Dallas truck accident lawyer with PowersTaylor will know what to do.

Commercial vehicles are required to share the road with automobiles and operate in a safe manner on our nation’s highways.  Unfortunately, our firm’s Dallas truck accident lawyers have seen too many cases where these requirements were not met, resulting in serious injuries to innocent drivers and passengers. If you have been injured by an 18 wheeler that was operated or maintained improperly, call PowersTaylor today.  We will arrange for you to meet with an experienced Dallas truck accident lawyer, who will explain your case in a clear and understandable manner so you can decide how to move forward.



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