Coronavirus and the Risk to Nursing Home Patients

The novel coronavirus has made its way to the United States. A Seattle-area nursing home is dealing with an outbreak among patients, resulting in four deaths so far and upwards of 50 residents and staff who show signs of possible infection.

The outbreak highlights the vulnerability of nursing home and assisted living facility patients when it comes to outbreaks like COVID-19. Not only are the residents more susceptible because of old age or underlying health issues, but these facilities have often been cited for multiple health violations from state agencies throughout the country. According to data from Medicare, in 2019 alone, nursing homes in the United States were found to have 115,065 various health deficiencies.

This begs the question of whether or not these facilities are equipped to handle an outbreak of the virus. Patients and families of those in nursing facilities are encouraged to closely monitor their health and take as many precautions as possible to prevent infection. This includes frequently washing hands, disinfecting surfaces like tables and doorknobs, keeping hands away from faces, and avoiding people with signs of illness.

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