Construction Defect Litigation

Construction Defect Attorneys

A home may be the largest investment made in a person’s lifetime. When the value of a home is negatively affected by construction defect, through a landscaping or remodeling project, or during new home construction, the attorneys at Powers Taylor can help to protect a home investment and prevent construction defect.

Due to the numerous overlapping laws, statutes, rules, and regulations, resolving a home construction or residential contract dispute in Texas can be difficult and time consuming. The attorneys at Powers Taylor assist clients with navigating this maze to try and obtain the maximum recovery on their defective home construction claims.

Powers Taylor attorneys can assist with:

  • Home purchase and contract disputes
  • Home construction and contract disputes
  • Incomplete home construction or remodeling
  • Remodeling construction disputes
  • Change order claims
  • Residential construction defects
  • Foundation defects and faulty foundation engineering
  • Faulty roof construction or repair
  • Construction litigation
  • Water leakage and mold claims
  • Payment and nonpayment issues
  • Post-construction claims
  • Residential Construction Liability (RCLA) claims
  • Fraud in real estate transactions
  • Landscaping construction and defect claims
  • Mold and water damage claims