Foreign Judgment Registration and Collection

Enforcing Judgments from Other States

Under the full faith and credit clause of the United States Constitution, a valid and final judgment entered in another state is generally entitled to full faith and credit in the State of Texas. The Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act, also known as the UEFJA, is a statutory procedure in Texas that sets forth the procedures to register and enforce a judgment from another state in Texas. The Dallas Commercial and Judicial Collection Attorneys at Powers Taylor assist clients who obtain judgments in other states to enforce and collect on those judgments in Texas.

Enforcing Judgments from Foreign Countries

In addition, the debt collection lawyers at Powers Taylor can assist clients in enforcing and collecting judgments entered in a foreign country. Once judgments from another state or a foreign country are properly recognized, Powers Taylor assists clients with the enforcement and collection of those judgments using the various judicial and non-judicial procedures available to judgment creditors in Texas.

Domesticating and Collecting Texas Judgments in Other States

The attorneys at Powers Taylor also assist clients whom have obtained a judgment in the State of Texas with enforcing and collecting the judgment in other states. Powers Taylor works together with attorneys in other states to domesticate Texas judgments in states where a judgment debtor’s additional assets are located and then assist attorneys and parties with moving forward with their collection efforts in those states.