Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Can I Install a Camera in a Nursing Home?

Installing a camera in a nursing home patient’s room can bring peace of mind to loved ones, helping them ensure the resident is receiving proper care. But is it allowed? Texas is one of the few states with laws specifically allowing residents of nursing homes to install surveillance cameras, sometimes referred to as “granny cams” […]

Power of Attorney 101

            One thing we always ask potential clients is whether or not they have Power of Attorney over their loved one who has been injured. But what exactly is a “power of attorney”? It is a powerful legal document where you can designate someone you trust to make decisions on […]

The Basics of Pressure Injuries

Pressure injuries, also known as bed sores and pressure ulcers, are an injury to the skin and underlying tissue caused by staying in one position too long. They tend to occur on boney prominences, which are areas where bones are close to your skin, like your ankles, back, elbows, heels, and hips. Bedsores are frequently […]

PT Investigates: Florida Nursing Home Loses 6 Patients After Hurricane Irma

Powers Taylor is investigating reports that  six patients have died and more than 100 have been evacuated to local hospitals from one Florida nursing home in the wake of Hurricane Irma, which hit the state last week. Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills in Hollywood, Florida lost power during the hurricane and as a result, the […]

The Economics of Settlement

Clients sometimes question why we want them to consider settling their claims long before the trial date.  Such clients usually view the litigation process as a type of war, so they equate settlement with a peace treaty, or even worse, a surrender.  They want to win the war and have a ticker-tape victory parade.  Settle?  […]

H.R. 1215: A Bill Against Medical Malpractice Victims

A new bill is quietly making its way through Congress that directly affects victims of medical malpractice across the country. Known as the Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017, H.R. 1215 proposes a nation-wide cap on noneconomic damages for medical malpractice suits, sets limits on attorney fees, and threatens a right historically held by […]

The Most Common Types of Elder Abuse

Each year upwards of 5 million Americans are victims of elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation. The Administration on Aging estimates that only 1 in 14 of these cases are ever reported. As our population ages and more people are in need of a nursing home or care facility, it is more important than ever to know […]

Powers Taylor Adds Associate Attorney

Welcome Breana Marquand to the Powers Taylor Nursing Home Team!               We are excited to officially announce the newest associate attorney to the Powers Taylor family, Breana Rosenbaum. Breana has been working as a paralegal on our nursing home abuse and neglect docket since she started with the firm in 2016. […]

Patrick Powers Named to D Magazine’s Best Lawyers in Dallas 2017 List

Powers Taylor founding partner Patrick Powers has been named as one of D Magazine’s Best Lawyers in Dallas 2017. This exclusive list includes the top 756 lawyers over 40 specialities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Lawyers must be nominated by their peers and then evaluated by a panel of respected lawyers before being selected. Patrick is a founding partner […]

Wernicke’s Encephalopathy and Korsakoff Syndrome Following Bariatric Surgery

Powers Taylor LLP is investigating potential claims involving patients who have suffered brain damage because of Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome following common medical procedures, such as bariatric gastrointestinal surgery.  This neurological disease can lead to permanent brain injury and can easily be avoided by a timely diagnosis and treatment. What is Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome? Thiamine, or vitamin B1, […]