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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

There’s no denying that technology has made us all more distracted. Having constant access to emails, social media, text messages, and the internet keep many people glued to their phones. It’s especially dangerous when combined with driving behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Auto accident statistics have been steadily climbing over the last few […]

Can I Install a Camera in a Nursing Home?

Installing a camera in a nursing home patient’s room can bring peace of mind to loved ones, helping them ensure the resident is receiving proper care. But is it allowed? Texas is one of the few states with laws specifically allowing residents of nursing homes to install surveillance cameras, sometimes referred to as “granny cams” […]

Peyton Healey and Anjulie Ponce Named 2018 Texas Rising Stars

We are excited to announce that for another year, Powers Taylor attorneys Peyton Healey and Anjulie Ponce have been named to the 2018 “Texas Rising Stars” list. Texas Rising Stars is a list published by Super Lawyers, a Thomson Reuters publication and rating service. “Texas Rising Stars” recognizes lawyers across more than 70 practice areas who are either 40 […]

Are you Exempt or Non-Exempt?

Employees governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) fall into two categories: exempt or non-exempt. Non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime pay, exempt employees are not. In determining whether or not an employee is exempt, there are a few questions you should ask: how much the employee is paid, how the employee is paid, […]

Meredith Mathews Expands Wage & Hour Docket

Powers Taylor LLP is expanding its current Wage & Hour docket. Senior Associate Meredith Mathews is leading the charge on investigating more claims related to overtime payment violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Meredith has represented thousand of individuals in large, multi-state class actions and has nearly a decade of experience with employment law. […]

Tipped Employee Wages

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal law that dictates that employers must pay overtime and minimum wages to qualified employees. The law specifically talks about tipped employees, who “customarily and regularly receive more than $30 per month in tips.” The FLSA gives employers two options when handling tipped employees: taking a tip […]

Power of Attorney 101

            One thing we always ask potential clients is whether or not they have Power of Attorney over their loved one who has been injured. But what exactly is a “power of attorney”? It is a powerful legal document where you can designate someone you trust to make decisions on […]

Choosing Between an Attorney or Collection Agency for Commercial Debt Collection

Chances are, your company has dealt with a debtor on at least one occasion. Getting money owed from clients and business partners is a very important part of keeping a business running. However, it is inevitable that you will come across a debtor who won’t respond to your calls, letters, and emails to pay back […]

Peyton Healey Co-Lead Counsel on $98 Million Bank Fraud Verdict

Powers Taylor, LLP congratulates Partner Peyton Healey and Co-Lead Counsel Derrick Boyd of Boyd Powers & Williamson on their $98 million-dollar verdict yesterday against BBVA Compass Bank and one of the bank’s officers in a banking fraud case. The allegations centered around BBVA Compass’ misrepresentations to Texas real estate developer David Bagwell and his companies about […]

Powers Taylor Annual Thanksgiving Potluck – 2017

Another one of our favorite firm traditions is our annual Thanksgiving potluck lunch. This year, we had favorites like green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, deviled eggs, ham, turkey, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, and pies. We are thankful to have such a great group of employees to work with every day!