Construction Defect Litigation

Frivolous Lawsuits and Tort Reform

The phrase “frivolous lawsuit” is one we have likely all heard in our lives. It drums up an image of money-hungry lawyers filing unnecessary lawsuits that damage companies and impede on the growth of business. The phrase has been touted as the reason states need to enact tort reform laws that limit the ability of […]

What to Expect During Mediation

Pursuing a lawsuit is a lengthy process. There are lots of steps before a case is resolved. One way that a lawsuit can be resolved is through mediation. Mediation is a guided settlement negotiation performed by a neutral 3rd party as an attempt to settle a lawsuit. Mediations typically occur after a lawsuit has been […]

Tips to Prevent Contract Disputes

Tips to Prevent Contract Disputes Over the past 10 years, we have seen their fair share of contract disputes. Through litigating each of these cases, our attorneys have learned the characteristics that make a good contract. Below is our list of the top ways to help prevent a contract dispute. Clearly list all of the […]

Contractors 103: After You Hire a Contractor

When using a contractor for a project, you may think that your job is finished once you have hired a contractor. However, there are some important steps you should take that can save you money and protect your property. Keep Records When using a contractor, it is very important to keep all the paperwork related […]

Contractors 102: The Hiring Process

After researching and finding the right contractor for your project, it is easy to just rush through the hiring process and get started. However, properly creating and having both parties sign a contract is extremely important. A contract can not only protect you in the event that something goes wrong during a project, but it […]

Contractors 101: Before You Hire

The decision to hire a contractor can be difficult. A good contractor can make a renovation flow smoothly, keep the budget on track, and finish the project in a timely manner. However, if you hire an unqualified or unprofessional contractor it can potentially cost you time, money, and become a major inconvenience. Here are our […]