Cases We Filed This Month: April 2024

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Skilled Nursing Facility – The Woodlands, TX
Claim: Following a hospitalization, facility allowed resident to develop severe stage 4 pressure wound, ultimately resulting in death.

Specialty Hospital – Mesquite, TX
Claim: Stroke victim developed a sacral pressure ulcer while in rehabilitation, resulting in a debridement surgery.

Hospital – Dallas, TX
Claim: Facility failed to regularly reposition rehab patient with existing pressure wound, resulting in worsening of the bedsore.

Skilled Nursing Facility – Plano, TX
Claim: Patient with existing pressure wound developed sepsis and osteomyelitis from improper wound care, eventually leading to death.

Hospital – San Angelo, TX
Claim: Patient developed stage 2 pressure wound while recovering from a broken wrist.

Skilled Nursing Facility – San Angelo, TX
Claim: Resident’s pressure wound deteriorated to stage 3 wound that became infected.

Skilled Nursing Facility – San Angelo, TX
Claim: Resident’s existing wound progressed to stage 4 sacral bedsore and became severely infected, resulting in death of the resident.

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