Insurance Disputes

We buy insurance policies and pay our premiums to protect ourselves against unexpected tragedies.

When something happens, and we file a claim, we find that we are no longer dealing with the friendly insurance agent who sold the policy. Instead, the claim is routed to an insurance adjuster who handles the claim. These adjusters are there to protect the insurance company and to minimize the amounts that are paid on claims. In many cases, the adjusters latch on to any possible reason to deny a claim and thereby generate bigger profits for the insurance company.

When the insurance company wrongfully denies a claim, you need an experienced attorney who will fight for your rights. An attorney may be able to impose penalties under the law if the insurance company denied the claim without an adequate reason for doing so. Under the law, these types of cases are referred to as “bad faith insurance cases” because the insurance company (or its adjusters) are not acting in good faith – they are twisting the facts to find some reason to deny or delay the payment of your claim.

If you have had an insurance claim denied when the facts support the payment of a covered claim, give us a call. The insurance dispute lawyers at Powers Taylor LLP can examine your insurance policy, and then determine the appropriate course of action for you.



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