Advice For Motorcycle Accident Victims From a Dallas Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in an accident in which you were driving a motorcycle, you will need the help of an experienced Dallas motorcycle accident attorney.

Motorcycle accidents require the specialized knowledge of a Dallas motorcycle accident attorney

Unlike other types of cases handled by personal injury lawyers, motorcycle cases require specialized knowledge and experience.  The other driver’s attorney may try to put the blame for the accident on you, the motorcyclist. For example, an experienced Dallas motorcycle accident attorney will know how to defend you against charges that you were at fault when another vehicle swerved in front of you and cut you off.  Your attorney will also know how to defend you if the other side claims that the reason your injuries were so severe was because you weren’t wearing the proper headgear or outer clothing. The other side will try to portray you in ways that are unsympathetic to juries.  They will claim or imply that you were speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, driving recklessly, and heedless of safety issues – even if none of these claims are actually true. Furthermore, an experienced Dallas motorcycle accident attorney will know the specific laws that apply to operating a motorcycle safely and the duties other drivers have toward motorcyclists. One of the ways a Dallas motorcycle accident attorney can help you is to conduct a deposition in which each driver must sit down with the lawyers and a court reporter and answer questions under oath.  A well-conducted deposition can often uncover information the other driver is trying to hide, such as whether the driver was texting or talking on the phone when he or she changed lanes in front of you. Clearly you never want to go into a deposition against the other driver and his or her attorney without a qualified Dallas motorcycle accident attorney at your side. Insurance companies do not want to offer fair settlements for your injuries, unless you have a Dallas motorcycle accident attorney who is experienced in these matters.  Because your accident involves a motorcycle, the other side may feel they can use that fact to offer you a low settlement by raising issues of whether driving a motorcycle is an inherently dangerous activity. With a Dallas motorcycle accident attorney working for you, these arguments can be refuted. If you were driving a motorcycle in a safe and legal manner, and were injured by a careless driver of another vehicle, call our office today.  We can give you a free consultation with an experienced Dallas motorcycle accident attorney to give you the advice you need to compensate you for your injuries, property damage and other expenses.



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