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Elderly Abused in 1 Out of 3 Nursing Homes

Our firm of personal injury lawyers in Dallas Texas have encountered numerous examples of elderly patients being neglected or abused in nursing homes. It is an issue we feel very strongly about and devote a great deal of time and energy toward stamping out this horrific problem. A recent study produced by the Special Investigations Division of the House Government Reform Committee, found that 30% of the licensed nursing homes in the United States – 5283 facilities – were cited for 9000 separate instances of abuse. The incidents cited range from common problems like dehydration, preventable accidents, malnutrition, untreated bedsores, poor sanitation, to major abuses like physical and sexual abuse by staff members. In other instances, the facilities were cited for failing to protect elderly patients from abuse from other patients.

How can personal injury lawyers in Dallas, Texas help families of abused nursing home patients?

Our personal injury lawyers in Dallas Texas have worked with many families who discovered that the facility they trusted to take care of their loved one had betrayed that trust. Many of these elderly patients were abused to such a degree that put patients in danger of serious injury or loss of life. The Special Investigations study reported that 1601 of the cases cited were serious enough to cause actual injury or place the patient in immediate danger of death or serious injury. As personal injury lawyers in Dallas Texas, we sometimes think that we’ve seen it all. Unfortunately the level of elderly abuse we’ve seen is shocking even to us. The study documented instances of punching, kicking, slapping or choking by staff and other residents. In one case, a nursing home employee walked up to a patient, said, “I’m tired of your ass” and hit her in the face, breaking her nose. Another instance involved an employee who bribed a deranged patient with cigarettes to attack another, and then watched the two fight. If you have a loved one who has been abused or injured by neglect in a nursing home, seek immediate legal help today. Our personal injury lawyers in Dallas, Texas are experienced in helping nursing home patients and their families, call us today.



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