Worksite Accidents and Fair Compensation

Two construction workers were injured in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Hurst, Texas last week when they were struck by a crane bucket on a construction site along a major highway. The victims were immobilized in a rescue effort several stories above ground, where both men were successfully removed from the scene of the accident by emergency responders and transported to the hospital for treatment.

Since details of how the construction accident occurred have yet to emerge, it is unclear where the responsibility lies in this incident. However, many injured workers are unaware that they may have options beyond workers’ compensation when a worksite accident occurs. Often, there are third-party injury claims that could mean additional compensation from any negligent party that contributed to the accident and ensuing injuries.

In any workplace or construction accident, it is prudent to consult a personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible. A prompt investigation of the accident site, details, and witness accounts ensures the best outcome, as sometimes, alterations to the conditions at the accident site may be made in an attempt to cover up any areas of neglect that could have contributed to the accident occurring in the first place. Therefore, timing is crucial in determining the facts and arriving at the appropriate amount of compensation due.

Instances of workplace injury are also extremely sensitive, in that employees may fear repercussions that could affect their future employment. This very valid concern may interfere with a worksite accident victim’s ability or willingness to seek appropriate medical treatment or to expect fair treatment from their employer and the employer’s insurance companies.

In instances of workplace injury, a personal injury lawyer affords numerous levels of protection to injured employees who, quite literally, stand to lose all.



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