Partnership Disputes

In a partnership relationship, the law recognizes that partners owe one another a fiduciary duty. Partners owe each other and their partnership a duty in the nature of a fiduciary duty in the conduct and winding up of partnership business and are liable for a breach of that duty. A managing partner owes his co-partners the highest fiduciary duty recognized by law. Partnership disputes can be a tricky subject.

Partners owe the following fiduciary duties to each other:

  • Full disclosure of all matters affecting the partnership
  • Accounting for all partnership profits and property, i.e., refraining from self-dealing
  • Refraining from competition with the partnership

Moreover, a fiduciary owes to its principal a strict duty of “good faith and candor,” as well as “the general duty of full disclosure respecting matters affecting the principal’s interests”; there is a general prohibition against the fiduciary’s using the relationship to benefit his personal interest, except with the full knowledge and consent of the principal.

Managing partners owe additional duties as a result of their position of trust and authority. A managing partner has a duty to administer the partnership affairs solely for the benefit of the partnership. A managing partner may not place himself in a position where it benefits him to violate this duty.

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