Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Shareholder Dispute Lawyer

Private Company, Partnership Litigation, & Shareholder Disputes

The business litigation attorneys at Powers Taylor represent individuals and business entities in all types of private company litigation.  Our clients range from individual business owners, officers, shareholders, and directors, to partners in partnerships, members in limited liability companies, and various types of entities and organizations.  Our private company litigation is centered on business that are owned and operated in Texas, that are non-public, and are owned by private individuals or groups.  We represent clients in all phases of private entity disputes, from disputes among minority and majority owners, to presiding over small business and partnership breakups.
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Public Company Securities Litigation

Powers Taylor represents individual shareholders in various types of disputes involving shares in public companies.  Because our securities attorneys have defended federal securities class actions suits and other public shareholder lawsuits, we believe that our attorneys bring a unique perspective to this area of law. We have the knowledge and national reach to assist shareholders with the toughest challenges and we understand the business, strategic, and financial challenges of state and federal securities litigation.
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