Powers Taylor Investigates Product Recalls

There have been several recalls this month of consumer products that have been found to defective.  One such product is the Sharper Image USB wall charger, with model numbers “TSI202” or “TSI260.” The wall chargers are used to recharge electronic devices through a USB connection, and they are designed to work with MP3 players and other devices. The chargers are black plastic and measure about 2½ inches high by 1½ inches wide. “The Sharper Image” is printed on the top. The charger has been recalled because it has the potential to start a fire and potentially burn anyone in the surrounding area, or to cause property damage in the home or building where it was used.  As of October 10, 2012, the manufacturer (Atomi) had received 13 reports of overheating, smoking, and acrid smells.  No injuries had yet been reported at the time of the recall, which was done at the insistence of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Another recall announced on October 9, 2012  involved the Graco Classic Wooden Highchair. Roughly 86,000 wooden highchairs were sold in the United States alone. Graco has received almost 60 reports of the seat of the highchair loosening or detaching from the base of the stand. From this, there have been nine reports of children falling from the seat as it detached, resulting in reports of minor injuries or a concussion.

On October 2, 2012, Fitness Anywhere recalled their “Suspension Trainer Device-“Professional” (P1) and “Tactical” (T1) TRX Suspension Trainer” devices that were manufactured between January 2006 and July 2007.  The recall followed the discovery that the strap length-adjustment buckles can break, posing a fall hazard. As of the date of the recall, Fitness Anywhere had received 570 reports of the strap length-adjustment buckles breaking with 82 reports of the user falling, including 13 reports of head, face, shoulder and hip injuries.The Suspension Trainer product was sold for $150-$200, but can cause serious medical damages.

Powers Taylor is continuing its investigation into potential claims that may be related to these recalled products.  If you or someone you know has been injured by any of these products, steps should be taken to preserve the equipment, any of the original packaging, proof of purchase, copies of medical bills, and pictures of any injuries that are sustained as a result of this equipment.



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