Nursing Home Neglect: Falls and Injuries

It is no secret that nursing homes are under staffed, and the persons who are hired to care for our elderly family members are underpaid, under-trained, and not monitored appropriately. This leads to a high amount of nursing home injuries and long-term care facilities.

While there are many causes of falls in the nursing home context, many debilitating injuries occur from falls due to:

  • Nursing home residents being left unattended
  • Elderly residents who have a risk of falls not being properly monitored
  • Failing to appropriately restrain elderly loved ones who require restraint
  • Dangerous conditions in nursing homes, such as slipper floors, poorly lit corridors, and obstructions
  • Failing to assist elderly nursing home residents with restroom needs

Injuries from falls to elderly nursing home residents can not only be extremely painful, but they can be fatal.

We can help.

If your loved one has sustained a fall or injury at a nursing home, long-term care facility, or rehabilitation center, contact us today. Our elderly injury attorneys can talk with you and your family members about the cardinal signs of abuse, discuss possible next steps, and outline your options.  The consultation is free.