Hit and Run Laws in Texas

Hit and run laws in Texas are vigorously enforced. Also known as “Leaving the Scene of an Accident,” this crime can result in either a misdemeanor or a felony conviction, depending on the extent of the damage or injuries caused in the accident. Hit and run laws in Texas come from the early days of automobiles.  At the time, there were no license plates and most drivers wore goggles, making them difficult to identify.  Accident victims who had suffered injuries and property damage had great difficulty finding the hit and run drivers.  All states now have laws similar to the hit and run laws in Texas, in that they require at the minimum an exchange of information. In simple terms, hit and run laws in Texas require that anyone involved in an accident (regardless of who is at fault) that results in property damage or injury must not leave the scene without performing certain actions. Leaving the scene of an accident before performing the required actions can result in felony. For example, leaving the scene of an accident that results in death or serious injury is a felony, punishable by 2 to10 years.  Leaving the scene of a non-serious injury is a felony punishable by up to one year. Hit and run law in Texas requires that a driver stop and perform certain actions.  These required actions include:  render aid to the injured person, exchange driver license and insurance information if asked, and if a police officer has been called and is on the way, to wait for the officer to arrive. If the other vehicle is unattended, the law requires that a driver stop and leave contact information on the vehicle. Unfortunately, drivers who violate hit and run laws in Texas are often uninsured, under the influence, have outstanding warrants out on them, or are in violation of other laws.  However, if caught, hit and run drivers find it difficult to raise any credible defense for the accident in court. If you are the victim of a driver who has violated the hit and run laws in Texas, call Powers Taylor today.  You will get a free consultation with a lawyer on our team who can give you the information you need about hit and run laws in Texas so you can make an informed decision about what to do.



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