Dog Bites or other Animal Attacks

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks Are a Real and Ever-Present Problem

dogbitesPets are usually beloved animals, treated almost like one of the family. But when animals get aggressive, it can cause serious injury, permanent scarring, emotional trauma, and significant medical bills. Attacks by domestic animals may seem rare, but millions of people are bitten by dogs each year; between 2001-03, the CDC estimated that there were nearly 4.5 million dog bite victims every year, with the numbers continuing to rise. While many of these bites are minor, some cause major damage, and doctors see approximately 350,000 dog bite victims per year in emergency rooms. About 30-35 dog attacks per year are fatal.

Under Texas law, certain conditions must be met for a dog owner to be found responsible when the animal attacks. This law, called the “one-bite rule,” states that an owner is not responsible unless:

  • The dog previously bit someone or acted like it wanted to
  • The owner was aware of this behavior.Because of the one-bite rule, it can sometimes be difficult to prove responsibility for the attack.

This is why it is important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable attorney like the personal injury attorneys at Powers Taylor. We will conduct an extensive investigation to prove responsibility in court. We understand that when you have been attacked by a dog or other animal, it causes severe physical and emotional trauma, and we combine compassion and understanding with our commitment to aggressive legal representation.We make it our personal responsibility to ensure that dangerous animals are kept from attacking other innocent victims. If you or a loved one has been attacked by an aggressive animal, contact our Dallas personal injury firm at 214-239-8900.