Deadliest Day for Highway Crashes: August 2

According to a report by Bloomberg, which analyzed historical data form the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, August 2nd is the day when car wrecks kill more people than any other day of the year. Between 2012 and 2016, a total of 505 people were killed on highways on August 2.

The report also highlights that historically, August is the deadliest month for car crashes in America. The reason? Warm, sunny days and the beginning of August make it prime vacation time. This means more cars are on the road, increasing the likelihood of a motor vehicle accident. According to the report, there were 15,914 deadly crashes on U.S. highways in the month of August.

Stay safe on the roads this August and if you do get into a motor vehicle accident, call the experienced attorneys at Powers Taylor LLP today. Also, read our tips on what to do after a car accident to make sure you’re protected.




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