Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Cases We Filed This Month: August 2023

Skilled Nursing Facility – El Paso, TexasClaim: 34-year-old with cerebral palsy fell, breaking multiple bones in leg which required surgery to repair. Developed severe stage 4 pressure ulcer on hip, which resident suffered from until passing away months later. Skilled Nursing Facility – Missouri City, TexasClaim: High-fall risk resident was not closely monitored. After an […]

Cases We Filed This Month: July 2023

Skilled Nursing Facility – Lufkin, TXClaim: Long-term care resident with dementia fell multiple times in the facility. The last fall resulted in two hip fractures, the resident passed away the next day. Hospital – Houston, TXClaim: Patient developed severe stage 4 sacral pressure ulcer while undergoing treatment for sepsis, passing a couple of months later […]

Cases We Filed This Month: May 2023

Skilled Nursing Facility – Odessa, TXClaim: Long-term care dementia resident with limited mobility was not repositioned, leading to development of a stage 4 sacral pressure ulcer that required hospitalization. Skilled Nursing Facility – Odessa, TXClaim: Facility failed to reposition resident with a stage 4 sacral pressure ulcer, leading to multiple hospitalizations and eventual death. Skilled […]

Bedsore Staging 101

The first question we ask when a potential case involves bedsores is “what stage is the bedsore?” Bedsore staging is the process of classifying pressure ulcers based on their severity. Pressure ulcers, or bedsores, are injuries to the skin and underlying tissues when a person remains in one position for too long without shifting their […]

Cases We Filed This Month: April 2023

Skilled Nursing Facility – Mansfield, TXClaim: Resident rehabbing after femur repair surgery was dropped by nursing staff during a transfer, resulting in surgical plates shifting. After a second repair surgery, continued issues with surgical site infection, resulting in leg amputation and death. Skilled Nursing Facility – Dallas, TXClaim: Dementia resident suffered at least 11 falls […]

Cases We Filed This Month: March 2023

Hospital—Houston, TX Claim: Dementia patient developed severe stage 4 sacral pressure ulcer while in hospital recovering from a cardiac event, resulting in death. Orthopedic Surgeon—Victoria, TX Claim: Surgeon incorrectly positioned a hip replacement, resulting in increased length in one leg and a revisional surgery. If you have suffered similar injuries or were injured in a […]

Can I Install a Camera in a Nursing Home?

Installing a camera in a nursing home resident’s room can bring peace of mind to loved ones. A camera can help them ensure the resident is receiving proper care. But is it allowed? Texas is one of the few states with laws that allow residents of nursing homes to install surveillance cameras in their rooms. […]

Cases We Filed This Month: February 2023

Skilled Nursing Facility—Tyler, TXClaim: Facility failed to properly assist resident who was a fall risk to the restroom, resident fell resulting in a broken hip that required surgery. Resident continued to decline, passing away two months after the incident. Hospital—Arlington, TXClaim: Facility allowed patient to develop severe sacral pressure ulcer while in a medically induced […]

Biden Administration Proposes New Rules on Nursing Home Transparency

New reports have surfaced indicating that the Biden administration is proposing new rules for The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that would require more transparency about the owners and managers of nursing homes in the United States, as well as other entities that are “making money” from nursing homes. If finalized, the new […]

Cases We Filed This Month: January 2023

Skilled Nursing Facility – Kyle, TXClaim: Facility allowed resident to develop severe stage 4 bedsore, leading to death. Skilled Nursing Facility – Rockwall, TXClaim: High fall risk dementia patient fell and fractured hip after admission, facility failed to transport to hospital for two days, resident passed away a month later. Skilled Nursing Facility—Houston, TXClaim: Resident […]

5 Common Types of Texas Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Having worked on nursing home abuse cases in Texas for as long as we have, we’ve seen just about everything come through our door. Below are the 5 most common types of elder abuse cases that we handle at Powers Taylor. Each and every Texas nursing home abuse case is different, but one thing remains […]

The Economics of Settlement

Clients sometimes question why we want them to consider settling their case before trial. Some view the litigation process as a type of war. They equate early settlement with a peace treaty, or even worse, a surrender. They want to win the war and have a ticker-tape victory parade. Settle? No way. What these clients […]